Using the Turnstyle Space

Here are some guidelines for using the Turnstyle space. Please remember that Turnstyle is a community space that is made possible by the residents who live at 10 Laura St and its continuation is dependent upon our relationship with our neighbours. Please treat it as your space as well as a space that everybody in your community can share, as well as somebody else’s home – be responsible, try not to disturb the neighbours, leave it cleaner than you found it, and make it easy for us to keep Turnstyle happening.

Most important stuff for evening events

* All events must finish and all guests and organisers are to leave Turnstyle by 10pm. No exceptions.
* Please ensure that guests are asked to be quiet as they leave – on the driveway and on the street – as neighbours are sleeping.
* Organisers of evening events are to clean the space the morning after the event (ie no noise after 10pm).
* Please budget for including a donation to Turnstyle so that we can continue to cover the cost of running the space.

Before your event

Book Turnstyle
Contact us to make sure we’re ok with your event and to make sure that the residents are informed about what’s going on. We can also put it in the Turnstyle calendar and you can promote it on the Turnstyle facebook group if you wish.

Notify neighbours
We don’t want the space to be jeopardised by it being a problem for our neighbours so if your event is at night and might be heard by our neighbours (eg music), we ask that you let our close neighbours know in advance of what will be taking place, what time it will finish, and give them a phone number to call if they have any concerns on the night. Please ask us for details of who to talk to.

Feel free to rearrange the Turnstyle space however you like for your event. Just leave it the way you found it (and clean) when you’re done.

If you need volunteers to help with your event, you can promote it on the Turnstyle facebook group and ask for vollies. If you’d like to know things like how to set up the projector, where to find power cords, water, coffee, tea or cups, how to turn on the fridges, how to connect to the internet, etc, please ask beforehand. We look after Turnstyle in our spare time so please don’t just expect that someone will be there to help you on the day. Having said that, if we’re available, we’re usually very happy to help.

If you wish to sell alcohol, you may need to organise a Community Liquor Permit and abide by the permit conditions. You must ask Turnstyle’s permission before your event if you want to sell or provide alcohol.

Cob oven
You’ll need wood – kindling twigs and smaller sticks to get the fire going, as well as big stuff (hardwood is best). Usually we have wood that can be used, but it is best to check. The fire needs to be lit an hour before you want to cook.

If you want to organise wood-fired pizzas, you will need the following:
* Dough;
* Cheese, tomato base, toppings;
* Plates (we have many, or if you don’t want to wash up then cutting up some cardboard boxes works well);
* Wood for cob oven (kindling and big stuff). If you ask us in advance, Turnstyle can usually provide wood.

We, or Turnstyle, need to pay for electricity, gas, water, internet, wood for the cob oven, replacement of things that get broken and things that go missing, toilet paper, cleaning products, trips to the tip, etc – we want Turnstyle to be self-sufficient financially so we appreciate a donation from the organiser to help to cover the costs of your event and running the community space. Please budget for this from your event. Many (most) things happen at Turnstyle for free and the most we have ever asked is $50 for fundraisers that use most of our resources including the cob oven. We don’t like asking for money, but the aim is that the residents should not need to spend their own money because of your events, so we appreciate it if you talk to us about donations beforehand.

During your event

You and your guests may use the residents’ toilet upstairs. Please respect our personal space, don’t use any other upstairs areas and turn the lights off after you. Please make sure that all your guests know this.

There are often brews in the fridge and tea, coffee, etc on the bar – feel free for you and your guests to help yourself, by suggested donation.

Kitchen (Downstairs)
There are kitchen utensils, plates, cups, etc in the bar area. Please wash up and put away anything you use. If you want to borrow kitchen things from upstairs at Turnstyle, please ask us first and make sure that anything you borrow is cleaned and returned.

Turnstyle equipment
Turnstyle has equipment that you’re welcome to use for your event – powerboards, extension cords, projector, lights, some basic sound equipment, cups, plates, chairs, etc. Please make sure that our equipment stays at Turnstyle and is put back where it came from. Please also let us know if anything gets damaged so that we don’t find this out the next time that someone wants to use it.

Organiser in charge
At least one dedicated (and sober) person is to remain in charge of the space/event at all times.

No smoking
Turnstyle and 10 Laura St is a non-smoking property. Please make sure your guests know that they should smoke on the street.

Closing Time
For night events, please remember that Turnstyle is in a residential area and stick to the finishing time agreed for the event. We have agreed with our neighbours that all events will finish by 10pm. This means you will often need to ask some people to leave, and you must be prepared to do this. Please ensure that your guests leave quietly and don’t chat in the driveway so as to not disturb the neighbours. There are to be no event guests or organisers at Turnstyle after 10pm and neither organisers nor event guests are to sleep at Turnstyle. This means that all cleaning needs to be done before 10pm. This is so that our neighbours are not disturbed by clinking bottles and people chatting. If required, you may negotiate with Turnstyle to return the next morning to clean.

Be aware that donations have gone missing at fundraisers so make sure you have somebody responsible for and watching all donation tins at all times.

Inform Turnstyle
If anything happens at your event that might affect Turnstyle as a whole, please notify Turnstyle when appropriate – either on the night or the next day. This includes if the police are called, if somebody complains about noise or the running of the event, if someone is injured, if a particular person causes trouble, etc.

After your event

Personal equipment
Turnstyle does not have a secure space to keep equipment (including sound equipment). Anything stored at Turnstyle is at your own risk.

* Any bottles from the bar are to be returned to the bar for reuse.
* All rubbish is to be placed in the bins out the front – please separate recycling and rubbish.
* Please pick up all bottles, bottletops, cigarette butts, broken glass and other rubbish. You will need to come back the next morning to do this after a night event.
* Please take away any excess flyers, posters and props that are left over from your event.
* Please clean up everything you used – wash dishes and put them away, clean up the Turnstyle venue, clean the bar, clean the kitchen, clean the toilet, sweep the floor, dust and put away carpets, neaten the space, etc. Brooms and dustpans live behind the bar.
* Please try to leave the spaces you used cleaner than you found them – including under the house, the back garden, the kitchen and toilet, out the front and on the street. Turnstyle is regularly used by groups that go barefoot (eg yoga) so please leave it clean.
* We have periods where the community space is used almost every day of the week. If your event is at night, please make sure the space is cleaned up by lunchtime the next day.
* If you want to leave anything with us, please ask first. Don’t just assume we might want to keep things that you don’t want to take home.
* As well as being a community space, please keep in mind that Turnstyle (10 Laura St) is our home and some of us live here. Everything in this list that you don’t do, we do. We get sick of cleaning.

Donation to Turnstyle
If you offered or agreed to make a donation to Turnstyle for using the space then we would appreciate you doing so. There is a donation tin on or behind the bar.

Lights off
When you leave, please make sure that all the equipment you’ve used is turned off, any power leads and powerboards are packed up and turn off all the lights.


If you have questions about or don’t agree with any of the above, please discuss them with us before your event. They are based on our experience to help you as the event organiser and us as Turnstyle residents to maintain a safe, appealing and functional community space. We expect organisers to be mature enough to finish at the time you say you will, clean up properly, and make a donation towards the space if you said you would. If you ignore these guidelines we probably won’t be happy for you to run any future events.