Talk: Plant Spirit Shamanism (Jungle Medicine)

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Date(s) - Sunday, January 21, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Turnstyle Community Hub

Plant Spirit Shamanism in the Upper Amazon of Peru is not just about Ayahuasca. The Shaman and Healers of Peru have access to an entire pharmacy of natural resources and have learned to use them with the depth and potency that Mother Ayahuasca herself is so famous for. This deep system is underpinned by a delicate balance of energies, communication with plant allies and respect of spirit. “Plant Spirit Shamanism – Jungle Medicine” will explain in great detail the process of undergoing an Ayahuasca and Master Plant dieta, including the rules and reasons behind the strict diet needed, the importance and power of the songs (called Icaros), the path and role of the Shaman, some of the different plants available and what they are used to heal, how to prepare and use healing plant baths and much more. There will be storytelling from real life experiences of healing and magical journeys. There will be a focus on de-bunking some common judgements around Ayahuasca and discussion about the ever growing Ayahuasca tourism and the consequences of this. This workshop will explore the dark and the light of this work in an honest discussion with real life experience from a humble healing centre in Peru.
Mikhala Hawken has spent the better part of the last two years living in an area of the Upper Amazon Jungle in Peru and working closely with the natural medicines growing in this area. On her own journey to mental and spiritual health, she found herself living and working in a humble Ayahuasca healing centre; eventually to facilitate groups of people from all around the world to heal a range of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. Working alongside traditional curanderos (doctors), with these “plantas medicinales maestras” (master plant medicines), including (but certainly not limited to) the well known Ayahuasca, Mikhala has witnessed some incredible healing journeys and has begun to get insight into the world of plant spirit shamanism. Growing up with parents who both worked in the western medical system, Mikhala had learnt to automatically swallow pills whenever there was an ache or pain, to generally distrust natural medicines and (like many people of the west) was incredibly sceptical about Ayahuasca or shamanic practices. Her time in the jungle has completely changed these beliefs and she now has a deep trust in the healing power of mother nature to provide for us all we need to be the healthiest and happiest we can be. During her time back in Australia, she would like to share these magical experiences with people who are interested, or even to those who are perhaps completely skeptical, and try to shine some light on the judgement and stigma around these alternative therapies.
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