Do you want to donate something to Turnstyle? No matter what it is, please ask us first whether we want it. You can contact us at or drop in beforehand to ask whether it’s something that we will use. There are lots of things that would be useful to us but it’s also a burden to get rid of “donations” that mysteriously appear at Turnstyle without explanation.


We are generally glad to accept bikes in working or almost-working order that can be used by people who come to the bike shed. Please contact us first to make sure your donation will be useful.


From time to time we look for bottles for ginger beer and other brews. Most of the time we don’t need more bottles. Please don’t drop off any bottles unless you have arranged to do so with us first.

Jars, containers

The bulk buyers group reuses egg cartons, jars and containers, but not all the time. Please contact us first to find out if we need them before leaving anything here.


If you have some good books that you think would be sought after in the Turnstyle library, please contact us to confirm whether we can take them before dropping anything off.


If you have something else that you think might be good at Turnstyle, let us know.

Donations sustain a lot of what we do, so thanks for being part of this great community initiative!