Turnstyle has many things that you can borrow. If you’d like to borrow something, please follow the procedure below.

What can I borrow?

* Chairs

* Folding tables

* Projector

* Urn

* Cups, plates, cutlery

* Books from our library

* Speakers and PA

* Energy meter

* Beanbags

* Rugs and carpets

*Whipper snipper


*Extension cords and power boards


*Cordless drill

*Star picket driver


* Potentially other things we haven’t thought of.

What does it cost?

This is up to you. Depending on what you borrow and what you will use the item for, you should consider making a donation to Turnstyle for its use. Nothing lasts forever and your donations will pay for things to be fixed or replaced when the time comes. There is a red donation tin on the bar downstairs.

How do I borrow something?

  1. Check with us that the item isn’t needed for something else at that time you want it. Our email address is listed on the Contact page.
  2. Please only take the thing(s) soon before you need it, and return them promptly. Turnstyle residents do not want to chase up things that haven’t come back and if you don’t return what you borrowed then the whole system will fall apart the next time someone wants to use it.
  3. When you come to collect the item, write your name, phone number and details of what you have taken in the loan book. The loan book hangs on the left hand side of the entrance downstairs, next to the noticeboard. This is so we know who to contact if the next person comes to collect something that you have not returned.
  4. Depending on what you borrow and what you will use the item for, you should consider making a donation to Turnstyle for its use. Otherwise, when it needs repairs, or it breaks, who is going to pay for it? As a guide, if the loan is for a private event, or if you are collecting money at your event, then you should definitely make a donation for what you have borrowed. If the loan is for a community or activist purpose for a group that does not have funds to spare, we will generally be happy to lend you things at no charge.
  5. When you return something, please note this in the loan book.
  6. Remember that what you are borrowing has been used last time by someone else, and will be used next time by someone else. When you return things, please make sure they are clean. If anything goes wrong, please let us know.
  7. Please return things to the place and condition in which you left them. You should put things back where you took them from and plug things back in that you unplugged.
  8. If you agreed to make a donation to Turnstyle for what you borrowed, please do so. We are not a commercial business and we will not send you an invoice.
  9. We run Turnstyle in our own time for your benefit and we appreciate your honesty and your assistance in making it easy for everybody to use the resources that we have.

When can I collect it / return it?

Generally any time. Let us know what suits you and that will probably be fine.

Do I need to bring it back?

Things go missing here from time to time. We will always be happy if you bring something back that has somehow ended up at your place for the last 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. We promise to throw a party when we once again have a full box of powerboards, when the 5mm allen key from the bike shed returns home, or when that mystery person actually returns the cheese grater that they told us a year ago that they still have.